Axial Age

Sreenivas Paruchuri sreeni at KTP.UNI-PADERBORN.DE
Thu Apr 22 16:00:11 UTC 1999

> know of any recent discussions of what Jaspers called the "Axial Age" in
> South Asia.  I tend to think that this idea has limited value, though I
> have not read anything or thought about it for a long time.  Does
> anybody have any suggestions?

Didn't Samuel Eisenstadt edit a series of Volumes? The German series
title goes like: Kulturen der Achsenzeit. I guess English translations
of the same exist (or is it the other way round!). Esp. Vol. 2, 4 and 5
(from 1987, 1992, 1992 respectively, Suhrkamp Verlag) 'd be of interest
to you. These volumes contains contributions from David Shulman (2),
A.K.Ramanujan (translation of his excellant essay: Wjen mirrors are the
windows - an anthology of reflexions), Hermann Kulke et al.

Regards,                --Sreenivas

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