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>the Gadval plates assertion  that in  c. 674 A.D. the Chalukya
>king Vikramaditya I first sacked Kancipuram and then continued
>southwards as far as Uragapura on the Kaveri.  It seems
>perfectly reasonable, moreover to equate THAT Uragapura
>with the one Kalidas mentioned a couple centuries earlier, [but as a
>city of Pandyas].

 The Chalukya plates are interesting. From the point of history,
Kalabhras were ruling in the Chola country around 5th century.
Accuta Vikkantan was ruling from Nandi hills, he sponsored Buddhist
works in Pali and Tamil. A poem included in Veeracoziyam grammar's
commentary has a poem on this Kalabhra king, though generally
Kalabhras (KaLappirar) are Jains. I think it was KaDumkOn2,
the first Pandya (after sangam era Pandyas) along with a
 Pallava (KaaDuveTTi) who put an end to Kalabhra interrugnum.

It looks by 5th century Kalabhras are the real kings in
Chola and Pandya countries. Either Kalidasa must be earlier,
or he uses the data on Pandyas, uraga (hAlAsya), tAmbraparni,
pearls etc., for Pandya country from earlier tradition.
BTW, does anyone have access to:
Mark Collins (b.1866), The geographical data of Raghuvamsa and
Dasakumaracarita, Leipzig, 1907.

V. Iyer

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