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Venkatraman Iyer venkatraman_iyer at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Apr 21 01:47:55 UTC 1999

>the Gadval plates assertion  that in  c. 674 A.D. the Chalukya
>  king Vikramaditya I first sacked Kancipuram and then continued
>southwards as far as Uragapura on the Kaveri.  It seems
> perfectly reasonable, moreover to equate THAT Uragapura
>with the one Kalidas mentioned a couple centuries earlier, [but as a
>city of Pandyas].

 Forgot to ask last time,

 Uraiyur, supposed to be uragapura of Gadval plates, is intriguing.
 Just one or two decades before, Mahendravarman has excavated
 the cave temple at Tiruchy - the famous Gangadhara panel
 in the Rockfort. Was any area around Kaveri brought under
 Pandyas between say, 640-680 AD? I thought Pallavas
 were reigning supreme in the Chola realm then and
 Pandyas have not risen at all.

 V. Iyer

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