XXth Zograph Conference at St Petersburg

Yaroslav V. Vassilkov yavass at YV1041.SPB.EDU
Tue Apr 20 07:13:31 UTC 1999

Dear colleagues,
        below is the programme of the latest Indological event at
St Petersburg (Russia), which can give you an idea of basic trends and range
of topics in Indian studies here.
        Best regards,
                                                Yaroslav Vassilkov

St Petersburg, April 14-16, 1999

Venue: Dvortsovaya nab., 18, Institute of Oriental Studies (Novomikhailovsky Palace), the Green Hall.

April 14, 1999, Wednesday.                               11.00

Conference Opening. Address of the Guest of Honour: Mrs Nirupama Rao, Deputy
Chief of Mission (Embassy of India in Moscow).

Mikhail N. BOGOLYUBOV (SPb State University). Avestan aethra- (*aithra-)
'school', aethrya- 'schoolboy' and Vedic adhyetar (*adhi-aitar).
Margarita F. ALBEDIL (Institute of Ethnology). Proto-Indian system of writing
and mythological thinking.
Alexei A. VIGASIN (Moscow State University). Greek-Indian dialog in the middle of the 3rd century BCE.
Alexandr M. DUBIANSKY (Moscow State University). On the problem of the interaction between Southern and Northern cultural tradition.

April 14, Wednesday, 1999.                                     15.00

Svetlana S.NEVELEVA (SPb Institute of Oriental Studies). Epic azvamedha - 2: Arjuna's raid.
Yaroslav V. VASSILKOV (SPb Institute of Oriental Studies). On the original semantic model of Ancient Indian terms meaning "God".
Julia KOKOVA (SPb State University). "Let NArAyaNa protect me!": On the genre charachteristic of a text from the BhAgavata-purANa.

April 15, Thursday.                                                     11.00

Victoria G. LYSENKO (Institute of Philosophy, Moscow). The Discontinuous and the Continuous in the 2nd kANDa of the VAkyapadIya.
Michael HILAIN (Sorbonne, France). Memory and Unconcious in the Yoga-SUtras.
Andrei PARIBOK (SPb Institute of Oriental Studies). On the notion of skandha-s.

April 15, Thursday.                                                 15.00

Dmitry N. LELYUKHIN (Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies). The "grants" of the SAtavAhanas: problems of interpretation.
Sergei S. TAWASTSTJERNA (SPb State University). What are the "bad" words?
Maxim A. VOROSHILOV (SPb State University). ASTAngahRdaya-saMhitA by VAgbhaTa - a text of Ayurvedic tradition.
Svetlana O. TSVETKOVA (SPb State University). 'Zabda' in Classical Sanskrit definition of Poetry.

April 16, Friday.                                           11.00

Lev N. MEN'SHIKOV  (SPb Institute of Oriental Studies).. On some specific features of the aesthetic system in the "Lotus Sutra".
Nikita V. GUROV  (SPb State University). The image of the World Tree in Telugu Epic Songs.
Elena K. BROSALINA  (SPb State University). Some ethnolinguistic peculiarities of the "ZrI RAmakRSNa's Revelation".
Irina V. KOZYREVA  (SPb State University). "Colour terminology" in Bengali: major approaches.
Tatiana A. DUBIANSKAYA (Moscow State University). New ideology and traditional poetics in the novels by Jaishankar Prasad.
Marina V. OREL'SKAYA (SPb State University). Two versions of the "Abhinaya-darpana" by Nandikezvara.

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