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>..... Interestingly, many of the references
>to Kailasa in the epics and earlier Puranas, as well as in Kalidasa, have
>more to do with Kubera than with Siva.  In fact, the Rudrasamhita of the
>Siva Purana even contains a story of how Siva moved his residence to
>Kailasa to be near his frien Kubera.

I have been wondering on the connection between Siva and Kubera
(inside both Classical Tamil texts and later texts).
This might be the occasion for somebody to give more light.

In Akam (??not later than 300 A.D.??),
we seem to have a reference to Kubera
 mAniti kizhavan2 pOn2m... (poem 66, line 17)
"looking like the god of wealth himself" (Trad. HART, 1979, p.112)

But later, inside Tevaram (7th cent.?),
we meet with the expression
"nitiyin2 kizhavan2ai" (V-3, verse 6)
that seems to refer to Siva himself
 mentionned as "the chief of the treasure-hoard".
Did Siva absorb his friends' attribute?

Another interesting occurence is inside the commentary
on iRaiyan2Ar akapporuL (8th cent.?), where we see Siva
and Kubera (nitiyin2 kizhavan2) belonging together 
to the First Academy (along with Murugan and Agastya)
 (see Buck & Paramasivan, 1997, The Study of Stolen Love, p.5)

-- Jean-Luc CHEVILLARD (Paris)

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