Kailash mountain

Venkatraman Iyer venkatraman_iyer at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Apr 13 12:41:13 UTC 1999

>I have more information, and specific textual references, which I
>would be glad to share with any who are interested in this topic.

 Thanks for the reply. While browsing my recent buy:
R. Thurman and T. Wise, Circling the Sacred mountain: A spiritual
adventure thru' the Himalayas, Bantam books, 1999, my posting came
to mind. Prof. Thurman at Columbia, being an authority on Tibetan
Buddhism, naturally writes from that perspective. What is your
thought on uttara Ramayana and MBh. portions of Shiva and Mt. Kailash?
Early centuries of the common era??

Will be interesting if you or others can write covering
a wide range - "Kailash in art, thought & literature"
from Sanskrit, Tamil, Hindu, Buddhism, sculpture, painting, etc.,
material. Nobody has done it from a chronological angle yet.

With kind regards,
V. Iyer

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