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Dear Nanda,

I think there is only Chinese (also Corean and Japanese) Buddhist tradition
on the point; a detailed account with the relevant passages translated (into
French) can be found in
M. J. Takakusu: La sAMkhyakArikA etudiee a la lumiere de sa version
chinoise. in: Bulletin de l'Ecole Francaise d'Extreme-Orient. Tome IV.,
1904. pp. 1-65 & 978-1063, esp. pp. 37-49.

The identification of kAlidAsa with IZvarakRSNa seems to me impossible; but
I am rather interested as to its source. In paramArtha's _The Life of
vasubandhu_ it is said that the king who gave 3 lacs of gold for the triumph
to the author of the 70 sAMkhya verses was vikramAditya; so this could have
been the source of the confusion.

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From: nanda chandran
>Does anyone have any information on the debate which was supposed to
>have been waged between the guru of VAsubandhu and Ishvara KrishnA,
>the author of the SAmkhya KArikAs. It's also said that it was Ishvara
>Krishna who triumphed.
>And how valid is the identification of Ishvara Krishna with the great
>SamskrutaM poet KAlidhAsa?

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