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>        But at the same time I think that the interrelation of
>Skt *bhaga*, *bhagavat*, *bhakti* and Tamil *paku*, *vaku*,
>*pakavan*, *patti* (see contributions by C.R.Selvakumar and
>N.Ganesan) forms an interesting problem and deserves investigation.

By way of few forwardings, got this writeup by a Westcoast Indologist:
[[[ Sanskrit bhaj is in Indo-Iranian and is the source of the Russian
word for God, bog (also the city Baghdad, which would be bhaagadatta
in Skt, "given by God" -- the name must be Persian).  It's clearly
Indo-European. ]]]

Tamil word 'paku' (also, 'vaku') with the same meaning as 'bhaga'
are coincidences. But that is probably  the reason why Sanskrit word
'bhakti'  attains prominence as time goes by. Ta. paRRu/pattu/patti
'attachment' and Ta. paku 'share/divide' strikes accord in phonology
and semantics that ancient Dravidians heartily accepted 'bhakti', I
 think. Mass bhakti cults begin in Tamil land and spreads further
north all over India. Maayaa and mukti also have good parallels in
Dravidian with their IE roots.

V. Iyer

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