Lankavatara sutra

Petr Mares lengqie at GMX.NET
Fri Apr 2 15:37:40 UTC 1999

> >Is there Nan2 tian1zhu2, Nan2 yin4du4 or something
> >else for South India?

>  When asked whether Nan2 tian1zhu2 refers to South India,
>  the answer was provided as below:


I did not ask whether Nan2 Tian1Zhu2 refers to South India (it clearly does), I asked whether ZhiSheng's text (whom Mr. Iyanaga translated) used  Nan2 Tian1Zhu2 for what Mr. Iyanaga translated as South India - since there are many other words that can refer to South India (not just Nan2 Tian1Zhu2).

Petr Mares

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