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Look to Anandavardhana's "Dhvanyaloka"- here the system of rasa is based on
eight standard rasas coming from the ancient text Bharatiyanatyasastra
(date??). From the Dhavanyaloca, which did not focus on rasa per se (it was
concerned with dhvani or suggestion), Abhinavagupta developed the addition
of a ninth, santarasa, which allowed aesthetics to be linked to the highest
religious experience.  Such a link was not evident in Anandavardhana's work.
b. Fleming
>Sudalaimuthu Palaniappan wrote:
>> I would appreciate any information on how and when zAnta came to be the ninth
>> rasa in the aesthetic tradition described in Sanskrit texts. Thanks in
>> advance.
>Do you mean  to say that it was not there to start with?
>I have always read about 9 ras of literature and 6 ras of food tastes
>and no less.
>I hope it gets you in the best of spirits.
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