Debate in India

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Fri Apr 2 13:29:34 UTC 1999

>may I suggest a more practical solution to this squabble? Agree upon
>a time and a place, bring your swords and have an old-fashioned duel.
>That might clear the air. Dr. art. Lars Martin Fosse

 L. Sternbach fel. vol., Lucknow, 1979, p. 580
"Jalpa and vitaNDaa are ostensibly prescribed for jealously
guarding the truth like the hedge of thorns round sprouting seeds
(Nyaayasuutra 4.2.50). An early Buddhist logician also subscribes to
this view (upaayahRdaya, p.4). DharmakIrti, the leading Buddhist
logician, sardonically remarks, however, that, if such a device is
allowed, there is no reason to disallow physical duel and use of sword
(dharmakIrti, vaadanyaaya, R. Sankrityaayana, ed. (Sarnath:
Mahabodhi sabha, 1936, p. 71)."

V. Iyer

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