DDK (Re: Indus Script)

Tue Sep 22 13:21:21 UTC 1998

>Sreenivas Paruchuri asked ...
>While Kosambi's name came up let me ask something. are there any
>comprehensive, critical reviews of his Indological work; esp. published
>in the last 20 years?

You might want to lookup Frontlines webpage (Aug15th issue)at
http://www.indiaserver.com/frontline/ where Comrade Thapar gives her
spin on Indian history - she writes
".....The inclusion of history as a social science has resulted from
the changes in the discipline of history and that has been a major
contribution of historians from the 1950s. It began with the seminal
work of D.D.Kosambi. The emphasis given by Marxism to the economy and
to social stratification is in itself an interdisciplinary process drawing
on other social sciences. This has been developed further in at least three
themes of research: the formation of states was once seen as resulting
from conquest or from class confrontation....".
This article is in response to a written questionaire, so Comrade Thapar
must have spent some time and given thought to what she was saying.


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