jonathan silk jonathan.silk at YALE.EDU
Sun Sep 6 17:21:48 UTC 1998

The AMg dictionary says that at Pra"snavyaakara.nasuutra 2.4 (Bombay
Agamodaya-samiti, 1919) appears the word avajja = Skt. avadya. I am
interested in this because the normal MIA equivalent seems to be vajja.
Seth's Pkt. dictionary cites Suuyaga.da.mgasutta II.2.65 as containing the
word avajja, but actually in the Jaina Agama Series para 713 = p. 280.14
the reading is vajjabahuula. Does the word avajja actually occur in AMg?

Thanks for any help from someone who may have access to the edition

Jonathan SILK

jonathan.silk at yale.edu

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