Dates of Utpaladeva

Birgit Kellner kellner at IPC.HIROSHIMA-U.AC.JP
Fri Oct 30 15:59:55 UTC 1998

Raffaele Torella wrote:

> Utpaladeva's date mainly depends on Abhinavagupta's. Fortunately, the
> latter was kind enough to put a (reliable) date at the end of his
> I'svarapratyabhij~naa-vivrtivimarsini, which is likely to be one of his
> last works. The date is 1015 A.D.(with the usual fluctuation of some
> months). Utpaladeva is Abhinava's paramaguru.

Belated thanks to Prof. Torella for this clarification.

birgit kellner
department for indian philosophy
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