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Mon Oct 26 06:54:54 UTC 1998

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To      Members of the Indology List

Oct 26, 1998

Dear Members,
I have pleasure to inform you that the century-old institute Anandashram
which has rendered yeoman's service to the world of Sanskrit and Indology
is slowly re-establishing contacts with its world of activity befitting the
computer age. It is publishing a Newsletter, once in a year, containing
some research articles, besides news about its activities and notable changes.
If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the Newsletter (ANL), you may
contact on the following addresses:
1       Manager, Anandashram, 22 Budhwar Peth, Pune 411 002, India.
2       e-mail: <panini at>
You may have some idea about the articles published in ANL from the
following titles:
(i)     Indology at Cross-roads by K. S Arjunwadkar  (ANL # 1)
(ii)    Three Mss on Spoken Sanskrit by Dr. Bhagyalata Pataskar (ANL # 1)
(iii)   Suukti-ratnaakara of Shesha Narayana (An unpublished commentary on
the             Mahaabhashya of Patanjali) (ANL # 1)
(iv)    Sanskrit Introduction to the Suukti-ratnaakara of Shesha Narayana by
Pt. V. B. Bhagavat (ANL # 2)
(v)     Puranic Studies: Past, Present and Future by Dr. P. G. Lalye (ANL # 2)
(vi)    Chatushloka-vyaakhyaa (Introduction to an unpublished Sanskrit Ms)
                (ANL # 2)
The Forthcoming issue (ANL # 3), to be published in a couple of months,
would contain, among other things, the following articles:
(i)     MaxMullerism by V. A. Khaire
(ii)    Some Challenging Words (Semantic and text-critical study)
                by K. S. Arjunwadkar
                (Notes on the first 10 words will appear in the forthcoming issue of
Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute)
 With best wishes
 K. S. Arjunwadkar
(Editor and Trustee)

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