H-ASIA: Sumitra Mangesh Katre (1906-1998)

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Mon Oct 26 05:33:22 UTC 1998

                           October 25, 1998

Professor Sumitra Mangesh Katre (1906-1998)
From: Frank F. Conlon <conlon at u.washington.edu>

News has just been received that Professor Sumitra Mangesh Katre, one of
this century's notable scholars of Indology, who served for many years on
the faculty of Deccan College before retiring and shifting to America,
died on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 21 in hospital at Los Gatos,

I first met Dr. Katre at the Deccan College in January of 1966 and
consulted with him during my subsequent research.  I believe that our last
meeting in Pune was in the winter of 1971.  However we did meet this past
July in Hayward, California at the Second North American Konkani

Dr. Katre was affiliated with several universities and colleges including,
in this country, the University of Texas.  Until ill health intruded upon
his life, he remained intellectually active and maintained an interest in
scholarship.  Many students around the world who had the privilege of
studying with Dr. Katre will honor his memory.  We hope that a more
detailed obituary notice may be posted in the near future.

Frank F. Conlon
University of Washington

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