Relationship Between Temple Architecture and Cosmology

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Mon Oct 26 13:29:21 UTC 1998

Dr. M. Rabe wrote:
>Not wishing to be cantankerous, but still, a drop of
>never hurts long:

>And [my old friend] Charles Collins has never set foot on Elephanta
>In otherwords, one needs special caution when it comes to armchair

  How come then Collins wrote the book??!!
  Its ISBN number is 8170302595 and its OCLC number is

  Indira Peterson once told me about Collins arguing for a
  Kailasa model of the temple. So far, I haven't gotten to read it.
  In the near future I will do that.

N. Ganesan

>For a detailed study of a Siva's temple built as Kailasa
>and its Pasupata cult, see:
>Charles D. Collins, The iconography and ritual of "Siva
>at Elephanta. SUNY 1988; Satguru 1991.
>N. Ganesan

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