Relationship Between Temple Architecture and Cosmology

Michael Rabe mrabe at ARTIC.EDU
Mon Oct 26 11:11:44 UTC 1998

Not wishing to be cantankerous, but still, a drop of cold-water-factuality
never hurts long:

The "Kailasanath" in Kanchi is never called that in its own, extensive
inscriptions--it was actually, and obsessively, named with the
titles/birudas of its royal patron, Rajasimha Narasimhavarman II (c.

And [my old friend] Charles Collins has never set foot on Elephanta island.
In otherwords, one needs special caution when it comes to armchair

>>Is this a common theme that temples of a particular Deity represent the
>>abode of the particular Deity, or different parts of the cosmology
>Yes. Kailasanatha temple Of Kanchipuram built in 8th century models
>'Siva's abode.
>For a detailed study of a Siva's temple built as Kailasa
>and its Pasupata cult, see:
>Charles D. Collins, The iconography and ritual of "Siva
>at Elephanta. SUNY 1988; Satguru 1991.
>N. Ganesan

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