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Re query from Mr. Brockington, 

I found recently the name of a girl at Colombia working on Hinduism and the
Net, Michelle Caswell: <mlc23 at colombia.edu>
Accordiong to her presentation she is doing a senior thesis on the ways the
diasporic commuinity uses the web to rethink identities. Case studies.

Also: Prof. Vinay Lal at UCLA: <vlal at history.ucla.edu> He is an expert on
diaspora Hindu studies. He seems to be a helpful person, and has written

Try this one: <csadss at uohyd.ernet.in> Centre for the study of Indian
Diaspora in Hyderabad, INdia. I hav enot been in contact with these people,
so I don´t know what they are like.

See the site www.sunsite.berkeley.edu.SouthAsianDiaspora for more listings.
There is spot there where you can find listings of other

Here is an article from 1995:
Amit S. Rai: India on-line.Electronic bulletin boards...
Diaspora-journal of transnational studies 1995, v4, n1. ISSN-1 044 2057.
Published by Zorian Inst, Toronto, phone +1-416-1555/416-512-8600.
They have a nice Indian secretary, Ms. Fernandez.

Here are som sites of interest:







www.hindunet.org (very useful - LARGE collection of resources)


www.hinduismToday.kauai.hi.us (excellent. Very helpful staff)

http://www.umich.edu/~hindu/temple/temple.html (cool!)

Hardly any webmasters or other contact perosns listed on web sites bother
to answer to queries, except for this person who is a member of the
steering committee at HSC in Michigan; Mihir Meghani <mihir at hindunet.org>
(say hello from me). She has told me that she would try and be helpful in
any way possible if I needed information.

Hope these suggestions have been helpful. Hinduism on net is really an
extremely interesting subject!

all the best,

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>I have had an enquiry directed to me about whether there is anyone
>currently doing
>research on Hinduism and the Internet.   This is specifically in
>connection with an
>international conference on media, religion and culture to be held in
>Edinburgh next
>July (20th-23rd) but also for more general information.   Does anyone have any
>information that I could pass on?
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