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>ShaT-sandarbhas by jiiva gosvaamii
>vedaanta-shyamantaka by baladeva vidyabhuuShana

These two books are in print, in Devanagri Sanskrit with Hindi translations
by Hari das Shastri of Kaliya Dah in Brindavan and published under the name
of : Sri-gadadhara-gaurahari Press,  Brindavan, (1982 onwards in six
volumes for the Sandarbhas).  They can be purchased in several bookstores
in Brindavan and are often available from either of the two Chaukambha
Sanskrit bookstores on Bangalow Road in Jawahar Nagar in Delhi.

The first Sandharbha (Tattva) has several English translations, the most
notable: one by Stuart Elkmann (1988?)(available from Moti Lal etc.),
another by Satyanarayana Das (1993) published by the Jiva Institute in

>govinda-bhaaShya by baladeva vidyabhuuShana

This book is in the catalogue of either Munshi Ram or Motilal. (Don't
remember off hand exactly)

>Also, I have heard that Baladeva Vidyabhuushana wrote a commentary on

This book is well out of print.  The last edition in Devanagari was
published in 1965 by Krishna das Baba in Govardhana (Mathura) and in
Bengali script in 1967 by Bhakti Shree Roop Siddhanta (Calcutta) published
by the Gaudiya Math.  For the Devanagari version the best place to start
would be the Krishna Janma Bhoomi Sanshtan in Mathura (who inherited a
stock of Krishna das Baba's books after his death), or in second hand book
stores in Brindavan.

Sorry for the scratchy info but there are no ISBN numbers, etc. for these
types of books.

happy hunting,

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