Interested in Gaudiya Vaishnava literatures

Krishna Susarla krishna at TICNET.COM
Fri Oct 23 03:39:26 UTC 1998

Can anyone tell me if there are any good translations of the following

ShaT-sandarbhas by jiiva gosvaamii
vedaanta-shyamantaka by baladeva vidyabhuuShana
govinda-bhaaShya by baladeva vidyabhuuShana

Also, I have heard that Baladeva Vidyabhuushana wrote a commentary on
Bhagavad-Giitaa. I would appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right
direction for acquiring copy.

I am interested in translations which have both the Sanskrit and English.
But if I can only get them in separate Sanskrit and English publications,
then that would be adequate.

Thanks in advance,

-- Krishna Susarla

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