Indian and Scythian Dress

Dr.S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Fri Oct 23 19:18:25 UTC 1998

Samar Abbas wrote: [snip]The upper and lower> garments for men (consisting of
a precursor to the `dhoti' and an upper> cloth thrown around the chest) and
women are mentioned as being in use in> the period 1000-1200 AD [ `Social and
Cultural History of Northern India> 1000-1200 AD', Prof. B.N.Sharma, Abhinav
Publications New Delhi 1972 ].> Thus it seems that Indo-Aryan dress hadn't
changed much from 1500 BC -
> 1200 AD, a period of 2700 years !>[snip]

Perhaps, from 2700 BC? (See the priest statue from Mohenjo-daro, wearing an
embroidered shawl, neatly-trimmed beard, a fillet tied to the forehead and
right-shoulder bare:


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