"The Tale of the Indo-European Horse Sacrifices"

Jibunnessa ycrnn14 at UCL.AC.UK
Thu Oct 22 01:56:14 UTC 1998

Dear Mandakranta

> The Bengali equivalent:
>         Naachte naa jaanle uthoner dosh

I'm very interested to see your variation on my 'Old Bengali
Saying'.  I haven't heard this one before.  Perhaps we're
looking at an East/West Bengal dichotomy here?

However, as you know, "Naachte naa jaanle uthoner dosh",
actually means "If you don't know how to dance, it's the
yard's fault!"  Whereas, "If you don't know how to dance,
the yard must be wonky!", is actually "Naachte na janle
uthan beka!" in Bangla.

I don't know about you, but I do think that my 'wonky floor'
is much more visual and more fun than some unspecified,
ambiguous 'fault'!  ...Don't you agree?

All the best


 Jibunnessa Abdullah         Fax: (+44) 181 731-9770
 Old Bengali saying: "If you don't know how to dance,
                      the yard must be wonky!"

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