Release: El.Journal of Vedic Studies 4.1

Harold F. Arnold hfarnold at LANMINDS.COM
Thu Oct 15 00:11:35 UTC 1998

Dear Witzel,
        Today I was, for the first time ever, able to access most of the
issues of the IJVS from the web site. I had missed several issues as I had
switched ISPs without notifying you. The address given below, however,
causes Netscape to behave in a most bizarre fashion. I believe the correct
address is: /~india/ejvs

isn't it? Perhaps you should let the folks on the Indology list know.
Harold Arnold

>We are pleased to announce the recent publication of another issue of the
>Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies. The journal is now in its 4th year
>and has well over 600 subscribers.
>Vol. 4, issue 1 (August 1998)  contains the paper of Makoto Fushimi
>(Harvard U.), our new assistant editor.
>                " Brahmana Passages in Apastamba-Srautasutra "
>         see: /~india/ejvs
>This the first issue that is made available on the net at once in various
>formats (PDF, DVI, PS). A few early issues have been available in PDF
>format and are  readable by acroreader (downloadable from our web site).
>At present, all issues since 1995 are on our web site the way
>they have been published, that is in simple (7 bit) ASCII format using the
>Kyoto-Harvard transcription. They can be read and downloaded in this
>Other formats of these earlier issues are to be added soon, as to
>facilitate reading and printing with the usual Indological transcription.
>M. Witzel , ed.
>Michael Witzel                       witzel at
>my direct line (also for messages) :  617- 496 2990

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