Release: El.Journal of Vedic Studies 4.1

Michael Witzel witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Mon Oct 12 02:24:05 UTC 1998

We are pleased to announce the recent publication of another issue of the
Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies. The journal is now in its 4th year
and has well over 600 subscribers.

Vol. 4, issue 1 (August 1998)  contains the paper of Makoto Fushimi
(Harvard U.), our new assistant editor.

                " Brahmana Passages in Apastamba-Srautasutra "

         see: /~india/ejvs

This the first issue that is made available on the net at once in various
formats (PDF, DVI, PS). A few early issues have been available in PDF
format and are  readable by acroreader (downloadable from our web site).

At present, all issues since 1995 are on our web site the way
they have been published, that is in simple (7 bit) ASCII format using the
Kyoto-Harvard transcription. They can be read and downloaded in this

Other formats of these earlier issues are to be added soon, as to
facilitate reading and printing with the usual Indological transcription.

M. Witzel , ed.

Michael Witzel                       witzel at
my direct line (also for messages) :  617- 496 2990

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