On substratum religion

Jacob Baltuch jacob.baltuch at EURONET.BE
Sun Oct 11 12:25:43 UTC 1998

Dominique Thillaud wrote:

>        I agree. It's absolutely ridiculous to see the Eurindians as "male
>warriors" only. They knew many Goddesses and I have established strong
>links between Aphrodite and Sri (unpublished but quoted in Bernard Sergent,
>Genese de l'Inde).

Dominique Thillaud, "Les maris d'Helene eclairent-ils le Pantheon grec?", 1997

Incidentally I have just finished reading Sergent's book and asked for
opinions on it on the "indoeuropean" list, even though the bulk of the
book which has to do with IE seems entirely classical (if on the strict
Dumezilian side for the last chapter) and not really problematic, and
what raises some doubts in my mind is the short part that has to do with
Dravidian, pp.45-84 and the linguistic affiliation of the IVC, pp.129-140.

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