On substratum religion

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Oct 8 13:37:20 UTC 1998

This is a reaction from one of my friends
for my note posted to Indology. (It was wrongly
titled as Fwd: tt. It should read 'On substratum religion')

N. Ganesan

Interesting note you sent me.  Thank you.  Similar situation in Tulunad.
And I remember now discussing it with Brenda.  There are remarkably
similarities across the substratum of Hinduism you talk about.  But I am
afraid there are fewer and fewer people interested in studying it. The
trend among the young Indian(-American) scholar (who are now making up
majority of researchers going to India from the US) is to study the
19th and 20th century in and around the cities (ie the population THEY
came from, which makes up about 3-5% of India). This disturbs me, but it
must please someone else (their dissertation advisors)!

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