XI World Sanskrit Conference (1st circ.)

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Fri Oct 9 13:40:44 UTC 1998

                                                  (1st Circular)
Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to announce that the XI World Sanskrit Conference will be
held at the CESMEO, Turin (Italy), April from the 3rd to 8th, 2000.

CESMEO is the International Institute for Advanced Studies, I-10123
Torino, Via Cavour 17. Fax: +39+11+545031

As for the Subject areas, there will be:

A General Section dealing with

1. Sanskrit Language and Literature,
2. Sanskrit Grammar and Linguistics,
3. Veda and Vedangas,
4. Epics and Puranas,
5. Religion and Philosophy,
6. Hinduism,
7. Buddhism,
8. Jainism,

and altogether 5 Workshops on the following subject areas

1. Architecture, Fine Arts and Aesthetics,
2. Classical Sanskrit Literature,
3. Scientific and Technical Literature,
4. Dharma Shastra and Artha Shastra,
5. Agamas and Tantras.

The closest airports are those of Turin and Milan (with frequent train
connections to Torino, Porta Nuova). April 2nd will be the day of
arrivals, April 8th and 9th the days of departures. The participation
form should be returned by December 31st, 1998. The second circular with
detailed information about the programme, accomodation, etc. will be
sent to those scholars who have replied by that date.
Let us know if you are available also by fax.
Please note that priority will be given to individual and national
members of the IASS, who do not have to pay any registration fee.
The Conference fee for participants who are not members of the IASS
amounts to US$ 50.
With kind regards,

The President

Oscar Botto
Soon you will find more info on CESMEO, the 1st circular and the
participation form on a page dedicated to the Conference in the
*Asiatica Association* home page: http://www.asiatica.org/
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