[SV: [Re: On substratum religion]]

Dr.S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Fri Oct 9 13:43:50 UTC 1998

Lars Martin Fosse wrote:> Excuse me, but isn't this a trifle too simple? As
for mother goddesses, I would assume them to be something of an "archetype"
since mothers are to be found everywhere. They do not necessarily have to be a
substrate in Indo-European. But substrates DO exist, both in language and in
culture. Mixing up Aryan Romanticism and the substrate idea in general as it
is done here, seems quite misguided>.

Misguided? Perhaps, we should start looking for the underlying methodological
problems. When we use words such as 'Indo-European', 'Aryanization' we are
using imprecisely defined and inadequately evidenced
(archaeologically/epigraphically)ideas. Why not use another model, such as:
Thousand flowers bloomed in various parts of the wide world and that there
were CONTACTS among people? Why not look for features of indigenous evolution
and growth, while searching for diffusion, e/immigration, invasions? Do we
have adequate methods and disciplines (apart from archaeology and
anthropology) to isolate the indigenous from the diffusionary of the neolithic
age? Language seems to take us too far into the mists of time. Phonetics is
only one small feature of language...


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