some op/old books on India & British India

Bradley A. Esparza bj462 at SCN.ORG
Wed Oct 7 02:59:09 UTC 1998

>In response to Lars and Dr SK, you would be surprised at how many
>booksellers there are who are very keen to post their book lists to the
>INDOLOGY list, and at the size of their lists. If this door were opened
>we would find a lot of such postings, increasing bandwidth significantly,
>to the detriment of our more modestly-funded members.
        I have only 1MB of space to store my mail. I appreciate the book
lists, however, if receive them with other large files from other lists,
then I run the risk of my box filling up, not receiving other mail, being
shunted off those lists and having to figure out which lists I have to
resubscribe to.
        So, yes, URLs are a good idea!
                                        Bradley A. Esparza
                                        bj462 at
>Dominik Wujastyk

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