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Sat Oct 3 14:58:17 UTC 1998

Dominik Wujastyk wrote:

Mr Stephen Feldman of Asian Rare Books has emailed me and phoned me (from
NY) to apologize for posting his booklist to our forum.  This was quite
inadvertent, and he is fully aware of the INDOLOGY policy of not including
advertisements.  I should like to thank him publicly for his words, and to
note for the record that he *is* a standing member of the list, and not a
hit-and-run spammer!

As it happens, I was very happy to receive Mr Feldman's list, and would welcome more of them. It seems to me that we should welcome some advertisments, i.e. advertisements about books that we all need or want to know about. To deny people like Mr. Feldman to mail his booklist to Indology is probably punishing us more than him. Couldn't we have a kind of "license" system here? In other word: Why don't we invite some booksellers to post their lists on Indology? I should think that the number of qualified indological/orientalist booksellers can't be that enormous, and consequently, the list would not be swamped with unwanted mailings.

Best regards,

Lars Martin Fosse

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