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Dear Sir,

1) Nataraja Sarma,  Measures of time  in ancient India,
Endeavour, New Series, v. 15, p. 185-188, 1991

2) "Indian time, European time" - an article in
T. Trautmann (ed.) Time: histories and ethnologies, UMich

3) A. K. Coomaraswamy, Time and eternity, Ascona, 1947

4) R. S. Khare, The concept of time and time-reckoning
among the Hindus: an anthropological viewpoint
Eastern Anthropologist, 20, 1967, p. 47-53

N. Ganesan


On an earlier query, I find
K. D. Sethna, The Aryans, the domesticated horse and the
spoked chariot-wheel, JAS Bombay ns 38, 1963, p. 44-68

A. K. Bag, The knowledge of geometric figures, instruments and
units in "sulbasuutras.
East & West, 21, 1/2, 1971, p. 111-119.

In Handbuch der Orientalistik series, there was a
Technical/Scientific Literatures of India or something
like that announced long ago. It never was published, I think.
(I wish a work like Pingree, "Jyotihsastra: astral & math. literature"
is done on technical/scientific literature of India)

In general, there are only a very few writeups
on instruments, mechanical devices etc., from ancient
or medieval India. I would like to get help on
references on devices in India, say pre 1600 CE.

There are nowadays many conferences; you can skim thru', for eg.,
Sanskrit and Science, Kuppusvami Sastri research institute, 1997
Nupur Dasgupta, The dawn of technology in Indian protohistory, 1997
Calcutta, 619 p.
Kashinath Hota, Bibliography of technical science, Pune, 1995
(On Sanskrit materials)
D. M. Bose, A concise history of science in India,
Indian National Science Academy, 1971
V. Raghavan, Yantras or mechanical contrivances in
ancient India, Bangalore, 1956, 33 p.

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