Th. de Bruijn pventhb at XS4ALL.NL
Thu Oct 1 07:50:11 UTC 1998

Agnes Kron wrote:
those who are interested in the development of Unicode are invited to
visit our test pages
(http://titus.uni-frankfurt.de/unicode/unitest.htm). The devanagari
characters officially provided can be found in the upper half of block
09 (0900 through 0970), and the additional ones proposed by us are in
block E9. A font to go with all that is under preparation.

Agnes Korn

On the subject of Unicode, does anyone have information on a keyboard remapper that is able to access the Unicode glyphs in Windows 95? (or, even better, OS/2?) The beta of the Titus-font I have does have all the glyphs, but they can only be used in Word97 with Insert>Symbol, which is a hassle.

Thomas de Bruijn

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