Is the Aryan Invasion a Myth?

Rambabu Yarlagadda rambabu at YARLAGADDA.COM
Sun Nov 29 19:59:29 UTC 1998

Is there any real evidence for Aryan invasion other than the theory one
German scholar who never visited India? I know there are lots of
postulations about the similarity of Sanskrit to European languages etc.
What I mean is there any real evidence like archeological evidence?

Rambabu Yarlagadda
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From: Partha Banerjee <partha at CAPITAL.NET>
Date: Sunday, November 29, 1998 10:17 AM
Subject: Re: Is the Aryan Invasion a Myth?

>Shauna Singh Baldwin <sbaldwin at EXECPC.COM> writes:
>>Is there a consensus among historians about the Aryan invasion of India
>>that was taught when I was in high school in India in the seventies?
>>Lately I've been hearing more discussion about
>>the "Myth of the Aryan Invasion" (there is a book by that name,
>>published by Voice
>>of India in 1995), ...
>Voice of India is a publishing house run largely by the Sangh Parivar (RSS,
>VHP, BJP, etc.) that preaches Hindutva (i.e., Hindu supremacist doctrines).
>The Sangh Parivar has always been against the theory of Aryan invasion, not
>on the basis of historical evidences, but on the basis of ideological
>These beliefs have often made other presumptions such as the "hypothesis"
>that Taj Mahal was built by a Hindu king and not by Mughal emperor
>Shah-Jehan. Even a conservative historian such as Dr. Ramesh Chandra
>Mazumdar was outraged by such presumptions.

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