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Girish Kumar Beeharry gkb at ICARUS.UOM.AC.MU
Fri Nov 27 05:20:24 UTC 1998

>2. With respect to Archealogy, can anybody give me information about
>"M.R.A.S"..I think it stands for "Member
>of the Royal Archealogical Society" but am not sure..If this is the
>case, I would like to know whether it is a peer-recognition
>( as in say, Fellowship of the Royal Society) or is it a degree which
>could be obtained through passing an examination i.e. analogous to the
>M.R.C.P( Member of the Royal College of Physicians)...

As far as I know MRAS stands for member of 'Member of the Royal Astronomical
Society'. It has its main office in Saville Row (near Regent St).

The URL is at:

There are also Royal Astronomical Societies in Canada and New Zealand.

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Girish Kumar Beeharry

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