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Showing sesitivity towards the issue of advertising directly on the
INDOLOGY list, WisdOMbooks sent me the fillowing information:

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Subject: Venkateswara Press [Edition of the Puranas]

[...] We just read in the Indology list a message with the subject:
"Venkateshwara Press" sent by Krishna Susarla [krishna at TICNET.COM]

We happened to know the information requested: the Venkateshwara Press
edition of the original Sanskrit text in Devanagari of all the 18
MahaPuranas [plus some few other ones] is ready available with our
services [trough email contact, preferably].

The edition is enriched by a wonderful feature, extremely useful for all
researchers and scholars: each Purana contains an index of all the verses
contained in its text.  We can provide you more information about it, if
you may need them.


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