The RSS prayer -- text, translation, and anecdotes

Sumedh Mungee sumedh at CS.WUSTL.EDU
Mon Nov 16 09:10:09 UTC 1998

Partha Banerjee <partha at CAPITAL.NET> writes:

> The following is from my new book on RSS and BJP. One chapter in this
> book is dedicated to the text and translation of the RSS prarthana
> (prayer) and Ekatmata Stotra (previously called Bharat Bhakti Stotra
> or pratahsmaran).
> I am sorry for this self-promotion of my book. But I think one is
> tempted to write on this subject which is so important and relevant
> these days as far as the rise of Hindutva fascism in India is
> concerned.

I think it is only fair to mention the fact that Mr. Banerjee is a
"well-known" leftist activist on the Net. The following URL can be
used to view some of his "activities" online:

I have not read the book Mr. Banerjee is promoting (and probably never
will - far too many other books to read first), but I would like to
caution potential readers about the heavy leftist bent of the author,
not to mention the fact that coincidentally, he comes from West
Bengal, which is one of the very few states of India to be under the
rule of the Communist Party of India.

Reading about the RSS from a leftist author is a bit like reading
about Tibetan history in a Chinese government handout, or reading
about American principles in an Iraqi newspaper. :-)


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