Question about bhaTTa bhAskara/bhAskarAcArya

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian ramakris at EROLS.COM
Mon Nov 16 03:01:10 UTC 1998

I have a question about the identity of bhaTTa bhAskara/bhAskarAcArya.

There is a bhAskarAcArya who wrote commentaries on the prasthAnatrayI,
from the point of view of bhedAbheda. His date from Buddhist sources is
fixed 900-1000CE. He came after sha.nkara since he quotes and criticizes
the bhagavatgItA bhAshhya of the latter [1]. He must have finished works
by the 11th century since a Buddhist author, whose dates can be fixed
reliably refers to him [2].

There is a commentary on the entire taittirIya recension of the yajur
veda by one bhaTTa bhAskara mishra. He predates shAyaNa since the latter
quotes him [2]. A.D.Burnell has fixed his date as

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