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N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Nov 13 12:59:40 UTC 1998

*Are these editions collectively available anywhere
*today? I am particularly interested in kamba rAmAyaNam
*and nAlAyiram.

Many of Rajam's sangam book editions are available
as New Century Book House editions.

Naalaayiram is NOT available. May be as a single book
of the entire naalaayiram will be a nice idea.
The Srivaishnavas (N. American ??) can help in bankrolling this
project. KaantaLakam or AinthiNai or Vaanathi
will do good printing. (Dharmapuram Adheenam
is reissuing their multivol. Tevaaram uraikaL
thru' KaantaLakam.)

Kamban is available at Kamban Kazakam edition;
I saw them at Higginbothams. In a very thin,
high quality paper (like Bible editions).
KaaraikkuDi Saaw. Ganesan got this job done.

Kamban has a new commentary: a multi-volume
leather bound by university professors;
Essentially Vai. Mu. Gopalakrishnnamachariyar's
work. Lakshmi Mills G. K. Sundaram paid
major portion of the costs.

Reagarding commentaries on Paasurams,
B. R. Purushothama Nayudu, T. K. Narayanasami
of Kadaluur brought out good scholarly editions;
(Nowadays, Sudharsanar)

N. Ganesan

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