Paired Horse and PIE breakup

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Wed Nov 11 18:02:28 UTC 1998

"H.M.Hubey" <hubeyh at MONTCLAIR.EDU> wrote:

>Miguel Carrasquer Vidal wrote:
>> Of course, in order to make my case, I must find archaeological
>> parallels, and indeed the significant event in the period 5500 BC ~
>> 5000 BC is the spread of agriculture into Central/Western Europe
>> (Danubian/Linear Ware/LBK culture) and the Ukrainian steppe
>> (Dnepr-Donets culture).
>I guess I posted about the article that the Mediterranean flowed into
>the Black Lake and made it into the Black Sea, circa 5500 BC (?).

I guess you did.  But how is that relevant?

There was some speculation a while ago about the flooding of the
Black Sea having triggered the IE diaspora, sending massive amounts
of refugees into Europe and Asia, or even to have been the source of
the Near Eastern flood myths.  All of which is quite silly.
Population densities on the north shore of the Black Sea would have
been negligible, agriculture hadn't even been fully introduced there
yet.  All the farmers in that part of the world were high and dry on
Balkan tells.  There are no movements out of the Black Sea area
around 5500 BC, only movements into it a few centuries later
(Dnepr-Donets culture).

The event must have been highly significant for the Black Lake fish,
but otherwise not terribly important for people.

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