Devanagari script in posting to the list

Wed Nov 4 10:33:49 UTC 1998

Dear List Members,

Most of the e-mail clients like Eudora, Pegasus Mail, Netscape
Messengser, Internet Mail, Outlook Express are HTML literate
and most of them can be made to display attached .html files in the
body of e-mail itself by choosing the option "Put text attachements
in the body of the message". This makes the clicking of attached
.html file unneccessary. Thus it is possible to send postings
with quotations in devanagari script. But there are some drawbacks.

1. List members who have only a shell account will not be able to see
   the devanagari portions.

2. As you must have noticed in the recent postings, when one
   attaches the original with the reply, if the original happens
   to be .html file with devanagari in it, the devanagari portion
   gets garbled. The more times such a file is sent back and forth
   the greater will be the garbling, I think.

Some of you may be aware of some other drawbacks.

I request you to comment and discuss the issues involved.



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