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There are some things which the readers should be aware of.
In lists like this it is important for people to contribute
things they are familiar with and which others may not be
familiar with.

Very recently two articles in Science News and Science bear
on some of these discussions.

1. About 12,000 ya the sea levels were about 300 feet lower.
That means that the Persian/Arab Gulf was probably dry land
and ditto for the Red Sea. That means that the region comprising
the East Coast of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and parts of
India were one contiguous land mass, at least a contiguous
coastline. The Tigris and Euphrates probably flowed into the
Indian Ocean. Now, about 5-7 years ago there was a report in
science that a river bed was found via NASA satellites in the
Arabian peninsula. And adding the river in today's Pakistan,
that makes the four rivers comprising the "Garden of Eden".
The sea levels then started to rise due to warming.

2. Circa 7500 (ya or BC) the Mediterranean broke the Bosphorus
barrier and flooded the Black Sea which used to be a lake. The
resulting inundation expanded the Black Sea and flooded the
old coastlines and possibly drove the farmers along the coast
further north.

Now, a book by Lahovary (Dravidian and the West) which was
written decades ago and saw cognates in presumably pre-IE and
pre-AA languages of that region (possible ancestors of Dravidian,
Basque, Berber, Sumerian, and some Caucasian languages) seems to
be slowly being born out. There could have been a connection.
There is more evidence for this but this is already long.

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