Paired Horse and PIE breakup

Paul Kekai Manansala kekai at JPS.NET
Fri Nov 6 18:31:02 UTC 1998

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal wrote:
> Paul Kekai Manansala <kekai at JPS.NET> wrote:
> >Miguel Carrasquer Vidal wrote:

> Indeed.  But you can't dismiss Sogdian that way.

No, I wouldn't do that. There are IA speakers in Central Asia today,
although I don't know any that lived a "Scythian" way of life in recent
times.  Practically all of the Altaic speakers lived such a life until
very recently. Some still live this way.  What type of culture did the
Sogdians have anyway.  Weren't they Manicheans?

Paul Kekai Manansala

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