Paired Horse and PIE breakup

Paul Kekai Manansala kekai at JPS.NET
Fri Nov 6 17:42:59 UTC 1998

N. Ganesan wrote:

>    I want to know parallels to IE horse complex of myth/ritual
>    that has spread great distances (eg., Rome and India) in
>    preliterate/nonliterate societies.

I posted some time ago, a broad cultural complex that spread from
Manchuria to Eastern Europe among the Altaic, Uralic and "Scythian"
peoples. Some thought the complex rather general although I found it
much more specific and wide-ranging that horse culture referred to here.

How about the spread of iron or bronze technology in Europe and Western
Asia?  Didn't it cross ethnic barriers or was it always carried by
migration only?  Did the diffusion of computer technology involve
migrations of any significant kind?  Ideas can pass from culture to
another through cultural, trade and other contacts.  They can be passed
on by third parties and not necessarily only from the originators.

The whole idea seems to be that a few Vedic and Roman horse rituals
were similar, and that Sintashta culture practiced a unique form of
horse burial. Both had chariots, although not necessarily related to one
another.  From this we deduce, that Sintashta culture were PIE speakers!
Using the same logic, then Huns, Mongols, Kipchaks, Ghuzz Turks, Getae,
Goths and Scythians must all have spoken a closely related language.

Paul Kekai Manansala

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