Raghuva.m"sa in Kashmir

Dominic Goodall dominic.goodall at WOLFSON.OXFORD.AC.UK
Tue Nov 3 16:58:16 UTC 1998

Can anybody help me to locate further *Kashmirian* manuscripts of the

I am aware of Taticchi's published transcription of old birch bark
fragments of the Raghuva.m"sa found in Kafirko.th and I have gathered
copies of some other sources (9 "Saaradaa MSS recently acquired by the
Staatsbibliothek in Berlin; some folios appended to the birch-bark MS
of the Nyaayama~njarii in the BORI; Benares Hindu University MS 1102;
Goettingen MS Mu I 81; Oxford MS Ind.Inst.Sansk.247).

Ideally I should like to find some more old birch bark MSS.  I am also
interested in knowing of *Kashmirian* manuscripts of commentaries on
the Raghuva.m"sa (other than that of Mallinaatha).

The reason I ask is that with Dr. Harunaga Isaacson I am editing (from
"Saaradaa MSS) Vallabhadeva's commentary on what is evidently a
Kashmirian version of the Raghuva.m"sa.

Dominic Goodall.

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