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Allen W Thrasher athr at LOC.GOV
Tue Nov 3 16:47:35 UTC 1998

Dear Mr. Bunker,

That is quite a list you have given.  Before you request others to
help you, you might help them avoid wasted effort by specifying:

1.  Where are you (what city or institution, so that others might be
able to suggest what aids you might find nearby)?

2. What reference books have you already consulted?

3. What online resources have you consulted (e.g. OCLC, RLIN, online
catalogs of individual libraries)?

4. Have you talked with your local reference librarian?

Also, on a first glance this strikes me as an odd list, containing
both well known works and ones I don't recall hearing of (not that the
latter is any great proof of anything).  Is this a list someone put
together and published?  If so, telling us the source might help to
understand it.  (E.g. there was a fellow in the 30s in Mysore who
claimed to have recovered many lost works by rishic vision, a few of
which were published but most supposedly remain in manuscript.)  Or is
it a list you have put together of references in various texts,
original or secondary sources?


Allen Thrasher

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