SV: method of dating RV, III

Prof P Kumar kumar at PIXIE.UDW.AC.ZA
Mon Nov 2 08:36:06 UTC 1998

Dear colleagues,

This is not directly a contribution to the on-going discussion on Method of
dating RV. I have been following the discussion with great interest being
an indologist myself. But I am requesting this as the Director of the
International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR) taking place
in Durban in the year 2000. The topic on "Method of Dating RV" seems quite
fascinating and I am wondering if any one you would like to present a
symposium on the above topic at the IAHR congress in Durban. It seems to me
that many others in the field of religion will be very interested in the
latest developments on RV discussions. If there is some interest in this
regard, I would like to request you to let me know. I will be happy to
explain the procedure of the submission of proposals for symposium at the
IAHR congress in Durban.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.


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Director of the 18th Quinquennial Congress of the IAHR Durban- August 5-12 2000
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