Sri and Aphrodite

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Nov 2 13:29:44 UTC 1998

Dear Dominique,

Can you please tell about the similarities between
Sri and Aphrodite? (Your work in B. Sergent).

When I read the Tamil TirukkuRaL (5th century) and Kamban's epic
(9th or 11th century), I find certain concepts uniquely Dravidian
for Sri.

These characteristics will be there for Sri in Sanskrit.
Sure that Sivaramamurti, Vasudha or P. Kumar's latest book
would have said something more.

N. Ganesan

Thanks for your comment on 'meluhha is not mERku' writeup.
You asked about elephants and copulation once. In
Ciivaka cintaamaNi, an 8th century Jaina epic in Tamil,
(also called as 'Book of marriages', maNa nuul), there is
a very beautiful poem on this. will give it soon.

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