Iranians in Ancient India

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Sun May 31 17:56:33 UTC 1998

I could not send this earlier because  my change of email address forbade
me from sending to the list -- sorry!

Having just moved, I've been out of the email loop for a while, so perhaps
I missed it, but with regard to Iranians in India, I did not notice
reference to the considerable work on the Sun Priests, mostly in the West
if I recall correctly. See among others:

H. v. Stietencron, _Indische Sonnenpriester_
A. Weber Ueber die Magavyakti des Krishadasa Micra (_Monatsberichte Kgl Ak
Wiss Berlin_ 1879)
A Weber Ueber zwei Parteischriften... ibid 1880
H Humbach Iranische Sonnenpriester in Indien, _XVII Deutscher
Orientalistentag 1968_

There are also a number of books on Sun Worship in Ancient India, and see
also a few articles in the journal _Purana_ 11, 12, 13.

I hope I have not misunderstood the discussion. The question discussed by
the works above deals with the Zaakyadviipiiya BraahmaNa, and the
BhaviSya-puraaNa and the saamba-puraaNa.

hoping it helps (and anyway, it is I think an issue of inherent interest,
even if off the original point ;-)


Jonathan SILK

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