Electronic versions of ;Sabara, Kumaarila, Prabhaakara, Ma.n.dana?

Ashok Aklujkar aklujkar at UNIXG.UBC.CA
Wed May 27 22:07:26 UTC 1998

A few days ago I asked in the context of the prayojana discussion if there were any electronic (digitized or computerized) versions of any of the works of Kumaarila or of sections thereof. Let me take the present opportunity to extend the question to the works of three other authors closely associated with Kumaarila. I am thinking of inputting or getting input  at least some sections of the ;Saabara-bhaa.sya, ;Sloka-vaarttika etc. (no firm plans yet).  Any information I get on similar work already done will be helpful in avoiding duplication of effort and in arranging sharing of resources.   

I am also interested in knowing if anyone is working on or has a mind to work on critical editions of any of the works associated with the *first three* authors I have mentioned. I have at preent no intention of working on such editions myself. My hands are full with the editions I have undertaken. However, I do wish to suggest to others to edit ;Sabara, Kumaarila and Prabhåkara (especially the first two) critically  if no steps have been already been taken in that respect. 



Ashok Aklujkar, Professor, Department of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1Z2. 

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